Krísuvík - GPS Time Series (KRIV, MOHA, SELC and LAMB)

This page contains scientific data and results from the staff and students at the Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland, and various collaborators. The data is posted timely to give maximum information for monitoring purposes. KRIV and MOHA are continuous stations where as HVHL, LAMB and SELC are semi continuous and do not have communications at present.

This research is supported by RANNIS grant 100241022, for 2010-2012.

For more information contact:
Sigrun Hreinsdottir
Karolina Michalczewska

Please respect copyright and authorship of the data.

Krísuvík photos:
Hverahlid, HVHL

Mohalsadalur, MOHA

Seltun, SELC

Lambatangi, LAMB